#WritingWench Three Way Write Off

So here’s how it works. A three-way write off involves — no, not that! — three authors who each write a scene from a different character’s point of view. You already heard from Maria, so today you’re going to hear Serenity’s POV. Then Savior will wrap up this three-way on October 26, with his POV. To refresh your memory, Maria is the lost love, Savior is the rock star, and Serenity is the current groupie girlfriend.

The setting:

Maria, physical therapist who has hung out her shingle in the same small town where she has lived for her entire life.

Savior, the rock star who walked away from his first love to find fame and glory.

Serenity, the groupie-turned-girlfriend.

Savior has a hip injury that’s affecting his latest world tour, not to mention his sex life. In the first three-way, he returned home to Maria, his former girlfriend, to see if she could fix him … Maybe in more ways than one. He brought his current girlfriend with him, and we ended our first three-way with a huge argument between Serenity and Savior.

At the end of Maria’s guitar lesson the Savior so rudely took over there was a phone call from Serenity. DUN, DUN, DUN… Today, we pick up the next scene from Serenity’s perspective…. And GO!





“What the hell?” Throwing my phone on the couch as I pace by it, livid would be the best term to describe what I am. Why is he not answering the damn phone? Ugh. I need him. Stupid Steve the drummer went and put himself in rehab. Now I’m almost out a man and that is not acceptable. I know if I can just talk to Savior we can make things work. We had that stupid fight two weeks ago but i know I can fix it.  If he would just answer his effing phone.

My cat starts rubbing herself on my ankles and even that doesn’t pull me out of my foul mood.  “I’ve spent my best years with that bastard, no way he letting me go now.” Cat rubs her nose on mine when I pick her up. She doesn’t understand what I’m saying but it’s good to have someone to talk to.

“Cat, I think it’s time I find him and talk to him in person. Calling him is passive. I need to be more in his face. What do you think?” Cat rubbed my face and I knew she agreed with me. I’ve had Cat a long time now, she knows me well.  I drop a kiss on her nose as I twirl her about the room, “But first, I must make myself pretty.”

I spend an hour in the bathroom. I’m buffed and shined and made up to look my best. I’m even wearing Savior’s favorite dress. This beauty has brought him to his knees more times than he’d ever admit.

I pull up in front of the apartment he’s been staying at while he does therapy in this godforsaken town.  I want to scream when I see his car isn’t there. I bet he’s with her again. That nerdy bitch who he left in the dust all those years ago. It takes every ounce of control I have not to ram my car into to the stupid apartment complex.  That won’t help anyone, certainly not me. I know my temper is one of the things he wishes would change.

Leaning over I dig through the glove box for a pen and some paper to leave him a note. Out of the blue I hear a knock on my window. Leaping up, I slam my head on the roof of the car as I turn to look to see who it is.

“What the fuck, Jacob? Scared me half to death.”  The grinning idiot just opens the door and offers his hand to help me out.

“Hey Serenity, what you doing here? Gabriel isn’t home, had to go do something at a school, or a class, or something like that.”

“Don’t call him that, it’s a stupid name. Shit, what’s he doing at school?”  I’m really starting to dream about slamming his head into a wall, over and over.

“Hey, you hear about Steve? Checking into rehab? That shit’s stupid.”

Jacob clearly didn’t know about me and Steve. Maybe neither Steve nor Savior had told anyone.  Made sense about Steve, he was always so drunk he probably didn’t know about me and him. Didn’t make sense why Savior didn’t open his big mouth though.

Eyeing Jacob up and down, I take his offered hand and let him pull me to my feet. There is no mistaking the lust in his eyes as I unfold myself from the car. As an experiment I lean over slightly to smooth out my dress and when I stand up his gaze is glued to my chest. I now know that I could have him easy. He isn’t as important as a lead singer, or even as cool as a drummer, but, he is the bassist and he could be useful in his own way.

“Do you have any smoke, Jacob?” I let my hand rest on his forearm and watch as his dick comes to life with that simple touch. I have him. So simple. I lean in slightly to speak closer to his ear, my voice dropping low. “You and me, we could have fun.”

Jacob’s face goes slack at my blatant invitation and I worry I’ve overdone it, but then a grin slides into place and he hooks my arm through his.

“My apartment is just this way, sexy lady, and I most certainly have some smoke we can share.” I walk with him, calculating the whole way. He’s younger that Savior and has done some side work for the record company. He’s still on the upward swing; I could mold him into more of what I need and then we could have a grand life. Maybe losing Savior isn’t the worst thing to happen to me after all?

A fairly pleasant half hour later Jacob is asleep on my arm, his naked ass in the air. My phone rings. The screen reads SAVIOR and it is a distinctly good feeling to decline to answer that call.  I have a new man and new prospects. He can keep that vanilla bitch and they can live a boring life of retirement. For me, I’ll keep the rock and roll.


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