1 thing you don’t want to forget when putting your book up for free

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Welcome to the first installment of “The Marketing Minute”!  This new type of blog post is where I will try to convey the point of the entire post within the first minute of you reading. Why, you might be wondering. Won’t that make the reader stop reading and move on after learning the juicy tidbit? Maybe. Probably, but we’re all busy, and I get that, so if I can save you time while providing a take-away for you to start using immediately for your book marketing and promoting all the better, right? This post is going to be the exception since I had to explain the format, but you can bet next time it is on.

Here’s the take-away:

When dropping your book to 99 pennies or putting it out there for a free run, make sure (no matter how you are published) to submit your book to free sites for extra promotion.

So the above was similar to what you’ll find in every “The Marketing Minute” blog post. The rest is going into detail about the why, the how, and all that fun stuff. If you don’t need the rest, I’ll see you next time! If you do, read on my friend.

So I was chatting away with a talented author friend, and she mentioned that one of her books was currently listed for free on Smashwords. So naturally I asked if she submitted it to some free sites. She had no clue what I was talking about so I put her on hold and went to dig up some bookmarked sites. If you Google something like “Free Sites to Submit my Free Book To” you’ll get a bunch more, but here’s a few to start. Keep in mind, not all sites will fit your promotion. You might get to a page that offers 45 sites to submit to, and out of that, you can only use a handful. Still, a handful is much better than none.

Free Book PromotionHere they are:




So by now you’ve probably clicked through one of the above sites. Submitting your book can be time-consuming, so here’s a trick. In the beginning, open an excel document and post the links to the sites that worked for you. Keep adding to that list every time you submit and eventually you’ll have created a master list that works specifically for your promo needs. I also recommend sticking in any of the submission requirements (like email, Facebook link, blurb, buy link, etc) into that document so as you’re going through the submit sites, you can copy and paste and cut down on time.

There you have it! What sites are your favorites for submitting your promo?

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