5 Fantastic Fall Date Night Ideas

5 Fall Date Night Ideas

It’s Halloween! Which if you haven’t already made plans for you and your lover tonight, the Wenches have you covered! Here’s a list of five things you can do tonight with your best guy or gal (or just write about your best guy & gal doing, if you’re a writer!)

Hit that “read more” for all the ghoulish fun one couple can handle!

Haunted House / Hayride – No doubt your town has a haunted house or hayride and while it might seem a little beneath you to try (aren’t those for kids?) trust us when we say there is something to be said about a good scare with your lover nearby. Even if you’re just really getting into the spirit of it. Have fun, laugh, take pictures and make some memories. Then head home and warm up between the sheets.

Corn Maze – Another outdoor activity and this one will get your heart and mind racing. Check out a cornmaze. Don’t know what it is? Well, take one giant corn field and the farmer mows down some of his corn in the shape of a life size maze that you and your lover have to navigate. Working together to solve problems is what all good romance novels are about and while this one may not have the high stakes of some of our Wenchy reads, you’re sure to have a blast tackling this as a team. And, who knows, what happens deep in the corn field, stays in the corn field so take a blanket.

Farmer’s Market – We LOVE our local farmer’s market. Seasonal foods straight from the farm to our table. Spend some time in warm fall sweaters, walking the place together casually and planning your dinner with only what you find in the market. Take it home and cook together. You’ll heat up more than the usual left overs as you talk about fall memories, Halloweens past, and your favorite foods.

Ghost Hunt – This takes a little prep work but its well worth it. Just like with the haunted house and hayride, its fun to get scared with a loved one. Take some time today to google or ask older residents of your neighborhood about those places which are KNOWN to be haunted in your area and then take a drive there after dark (remember: Wenches encourage you to be safe and not break laws in doing so!) See if you can catch the restless dead on camera together and share some laughs.

Bonfire – Why not pick up your favorite books, blankets, and mulled wine and head out to the backyard to start up a fire? Roast some marshmallows and make s’mores. Cuddle under the stars and enjoy each other’s company. Take turns reading to each other… scary stories or maybe something a bit steamier. Might we recommend some books by our Wenches?

Have a safe and Happy Halloween with your sweetie!

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