Chemistry – It’s all about the buildup

Fire MFAs a reader and a writer, in my opinion, good chemistry is all about the buildup. Without the build to a great crescendo, the high point will fall flat.

Good chemistry is like music in a lot of ways. Classical, flamenco, even rock-n-roll all have those tension points in which the notes and rhythm tease the listener, hinting at a big finish. But would the clash of the symbols, lightning-fast guitar solo, or the screech of the lead singer be as satisfying if the song started with those high points? Or does the satisfaction only come (no pun intended) after music has taken us to the edge of ecstasy, finally giving us the release we are desperate for in the culmination of everything it’s been building toward?

Wait, are we talking about music or…

Sorry. Got distracted for a moment. Romance writer.

I love the give a take. I love the flirtation and the vexation. I love those stomach flipping scenes where they almost kiss and then don’t.

You don’t turn on the stove and expect water to immediately start boiling right? The players need a chance to create some bubbles.

Okay, enough with the similes.

Characters need a reason to want to jump each other’s bones. Whether it’s a highly erotic and detailed love scene or fade to black behind closed doors get together, I want to feel as satisfied with the big moment as the characters do.

That’s not to say the buildup can’t include some awkward love scenes or less emotional scenes culminating in a more emotional love fest at the end. But as I reader, I want my chest to heave as the chemistry unfolds while I turn the pages, no matter how family-friendly or raunchy the details.

But that’s just me.

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