Chocolate Muffins

I was sort of hoping that making the name of my post chocolate muffins, it might bring more people to the blog. And now that you are here, let’s talk about how authors help other authors.

The first way is glaringly obvious. Well, to me at least. I should start out by thanking fellow wench Tami for this idea. You see I haven’t written a wench blog in a while and I was struggling with what to write about. So I posted in our group and sure enough my fellow writers came to help me out. That has been my experience. It’s great yes? I wish it for everyone. Though I know it doesn’t happen. We’ve all heard the horror stories about bad publishers, evil editors, mean street teams, and the odd author who reacts badly to the general public.

I wonder if it’s because I’m still new or because I was blessed with the most kick ass group of writer friends. I mean we deal with drama, who doesn’t?, but for the most part we are all super nice and there for each other. It all sounds so saccharine, but it’s true. We are the epitome of authors who help other authors.

You have a release you need help promoting? We are on it!

You need help naming a character? We are on it!

You need a beta reader/critiquer/proofreader? We are on it like white on rice!!

It has been nothing but a pleasure to be a part of a group of such giving people. In the year that I have known them, they have taught me more than I could ever thank them for.  And I think all authors need something like the wenches. a group to help you. To pick you up when you get a bad review. To threaten bodily harm when you have a bad experience with a publisher. To post pics of hot guys when you are feeling inspirationally devoid.

There are of course other ways for an author to help other authors.

Offer a read for review, because we all know reviews sell books.

Offer introductions, networking is one of the single most important things an author can do.

Offer your experiences. I mean don’t give away your secrets, but if you’ve found a particularly awesome blog, or book promoter.

Karma is a wonderful thing and something I strongly believe in. If you reach out to help, then it will come back to you. Three fold. So help a fledgling author out.  You never know how it might affect them, or you.



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