Christmas Traditions



It’s almost Christmas again. Time for traditions.

Beloved Holiday Traditions:

The imperfect and/or unfinished tree. This year, none of the Christmas lights on the pre-lit tree worked. So we have double the lights now and half of them don’t work. Oh and we have only put four ornaments on it. No star, no garland, nothing. Well and a tree skirt covered with dog hair. Good job family.

Christmas Eve. Sometimes people gather around the fire and drink hot chocolate while singing Christmas carols. Does anyone really do that? I’m doubtful. Our family tradition is to try and wrestle our sugared up, overtired children into bed before 10 pm. Then we turn into Santa’s little elves and stay up half the night putting stuff together. My husband is Jewish and was quite appalled the first year we put this tradition into practice. I assured him that it was normal and that parents all over the country were staying up late assembling kitchens and play sets and whatever else kids these days have to have. I’m sure there are some parents who get all this done weeks in advance but we are not those people. We cherish every moment in this family!

Rage. Retail stores give me all the rage. Basically, if you walk into a place that sells stuff, you are risking your own sanity. Walmart is probably the worst. Clad in Christmas sweaters and jingle bell earrings, shoppers clog up the coffee aisle and stand around talking. The coffee aisle! It is always a bad idea to get between a writer and her coffee. Oh and stay away from the cold medicine aisle because everyone is sick and they are all walking around Walmart coughing. Jingle all the way!

Party, party, party, another party. Let’s be sure to way overextend ourselves so that we too can be the sick people coughing all over the place. After last year, I vowed to have a simple Christmas. I wanted to, you know, get back to the special times with family. So far, I’ve directed a children’s play, attended multiple play and choir practices, and watched only three Christmas movies. It’s a definite improvement.

Putting off shopping. I haven’t bought a single gift. Uh oh. I’m going to have to go into a store. I do this every year.

All snarkiness aside, there are a few traditions that I actually enjoy. One is rereading all of my favorite Christmas books. One book I’m particularly enjoying this year is Unwrapping Love. I am lucky enough to have a story in this Anthology and it was so much fun to write. Even more fun? Reading everyone else’s amazing stories. If you haven’t picked up your copy, do it now! It will put you in the spirit of Christmas and help you forget about the crowds of shoppers you’ll be encountering on December 22nd when you are trying to do all your Christmas shopping in two hours. (You could just buy everyone you love a copy of Unwrapping Love..teehee.)

Happy holidays!

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