Ex-Lovers, Ex-Bosses, Current Lovers, Wonderful Friends – Where Do You Find Inspiration?


It’s my turn on the Writing Wenches blog again. As usual, I wait until the last minute and then stress over what to write. I want it to be witty, cool, inspirational, and… Hey, that’s it. Inspiration.

I know, I know, I already wrote a post about inspiration (you can read it here), but this is a different inspiration. That post was about coming up with ideas for the entire book, for the plot. This post is about characters – personalities, names, the way they fit into the book. Plus, that post was months ago. That’s like a lifetime in the world of blogging, right?

This inspiration, it’s about your spouse, a fabulous cook, who gets excited when he has the opportunity to create delicious dishes for other people. And how his food is always so damn wonderful, and how that skill is so incredibly hot, so naturally the hero in your book should be a chef, or at least enjoy cooking. He should probably use said skills as a seduction tool at some point in the book, too.

It’s about that gorgeous friend with spiral curls cascading down her back, and every time you see her you think, I wish I had hair like that, but since I can’t, I’ll make sure my heroine does.  

It’s about that boss you had once, the one you hated so much, you were more relieved than anything else when she fired your ass. That hatred was so strong that the passion hasn’t yet died, even though it’s been close to ten years since you saw her last. That passion leads you to assume at least one of her character traits (flaws) in the antagonist in every book you’ve ever written. And the characters with the worst flaws get the honor of being dubbed with her moniker.

68b15ce9e0185238ae6c933b7f52e999It’s about ex-lovers, specifically the one that got away. It’s about that relationship that just kind of faded, even though there was nothing you could put your finger on that went wrong, and years later, you look back and wonder, what if? It’s about using that ex in your book, and struggling to write it because now your heroine has to choose between two quality heroes and how the hell is she going to do it?

Or it’s about that other ex-lover. The one who cheated. The one who slept around behind your back or hooked up with your cousin when you were out of town. The one who never said no to a bar night with his buddies, even if you were home sick in bed. Yeah, that one. He gets a special place in the book. Most definitely the jilted lover, at the end, even though he’s come to terms with himself and loves the heroine desperately. It doesn’t matter. He had it coming.

Or maybe he’ll get killed off. A tragic accident. Or a deliberate one. It depends on how deep the resentment flows.

So tell me, how do you come up with your characters’ traits and personalities?

Courtesy of TaTamimi Lund, author and occasional blogger. Maybe more than occasional. She also blogs here.

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