How to Beat Writer’s Block in Ten Minutes

white-penThe revisions to my novel seem to never end. Many days I stare at the words on the screen and don’t know where to begin. My story is lacking, but I’m at a loss on how to fix it. It’s another form of writer’s block. Instead of not having ideas, I already had the idea and wrote it, but now, I can’t make it better.

I took to the interwebs for suggestions on beating writer’s block. Everyone has a strategy and what works for them. I’m going to tell you what worked for me which was a variation of the many sources I read. Hopefully it will work for you too.

Most writers say you can beat writer’s block by writing, which I completely agree with. Where the various strategies come in is what you write, how long you write, and how often you write.

My approach is more like journaling. Write whatever you want. What you ate for dinner, something that made you mad, an idea for a blog post (*wink*), your feelings from the day, your writing goals, your life goals, a scene you want to write for a future story, anything.

Only do this for ten minutes. That’s it. Even if you end in the middle of a sentence, okay finish the sentence, but that’s it. Ten minutes, then you can go do something else. Do the same thing the next day and the next, until it’s easy to do this short burst of writing and get things down. You’ll find that after you get in a groove with this exercise, you’ll want to write longer, write more. Go ahead and write more, but don’t feel obligated to write more. Don’t pressure yourself.

The first few times I did this, the ten minutes felt like an hour. By the third time, I was flying through my ten minutes and could write more. For some of you it will only take a few tries and things will get flowing. But for others, it could take you weeks. Don’t give up. You wrote before, you’ll write again.

Remember to have fun and not pressure yourself. I hope this helps you and that your creative juices begin to spew forth again.

I’d love to hear what worked for your writer’s block. Please leave me a comment!

Happy writing! ~ Jennifer Ray


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