How To Make The Best Seller’s List


Want to know the secret to being a best seller? Here is my short list, in no particular order.

  1. Write a great book.
  2. Have that book professionally edited
  3. Get a professional book cover for ebook and print
  4. Publish that book
  5. Market that book
  6. Interact with your fans
  7. Create buzz
  8. Find your group and groupies
  9. Do the work
  10. Keep writing

Okay, so I have not hit the best seller’s list, yet. I do have a friend who has, and I can say that she has done all of the above and more.

She has written a great book, several actually. She always gets her work professionally edited, even though she is, herself, an editor. Her book covers are eye catching and beautifully designed.

She is self-published. She actively markets her books. Interacting with her fans, is something she does on a regular basis. Through Facebook, writing groups, release parties, blogging, Twitter, she is out there and accessible and has been able to create buzz about her books. She participates actively in our writing group, Writing Wenches.

And the woman is always working. She is writing, she is editing, she is revising, and reading. On top of all that, she is a professional editor, has her own publishing company, is a book reviewer, and that doesn’t even take into account her day job. She didn’t just write great books, sit back, and hope for the best. She does the work. She puts in a tremendous amount of time, and amazingly, is still nice enough to offer help and suggestions to her fellow writers.

The most important thing, she keeps writing. She writes in different genres. Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Romance and Erotic Romance.

The success did not happen overnight, but it is happening, and I am in awe as I witness it.

Author, Patricia Eddy, wench extraordinaire, who I am honored to call a friend and mentor, is now a best seller. This week, her book, A Shift in the Water, hit the Best Seller’s List.


Congratulations, Patricia. You deserve it. Keep the great books coming.

Have you read Patricia’s books? Leave a comment and let us know which is your favorite.


Jennifer Senhaji

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