Interview With A Different Vampire: Rowan Breen from The Darker Curiosity

In my Young Adult series The Darker Curiosity, supernatural creatures aren’t hard to find. One in particular has a lot to say and often, so I’ve decided to make him the subject of a very honest interview. Rowan Breen is my cocky vampire with a heart of gold and he couldn’t wait to sit down with Writing Wenches for a little Q&A session.

WW: Thanks for agreeing to do this, Rowan.

RB: Sure, sure. I like role playing (smirks coyly).


Q1: How and when did you become a vampire? 

RB: It happened shortly after my eighteenth birthday in Ireland. It was the 13th century in an area that no longer exists called County Darkwood. It was named after the forest that surrounded the royal castle where I grew up and my family reigned. It was pretty creepy and rumored to be infested with all kinds of supernatural elements. Every year my family would host an annual Harvest Festival. One of the events was called the Haunted Hunt. The Haunted Hunt would take place in the Dark Wood, and unfortunately, the rumors about it were true. The group we were hunting in was attacked by all kinds of unspeakable forces. Anyway this hot, but really clingy girl I was…well let’s call it “courting” for the sake of this interview,  tagged along on the hunt and went missing for about a week. She later resurfaced at my chamber window. It turns out she was bitten by a vampire in the Dark Wood and became one herself. She bit me that night and I ended up turning.

WW: Wow, that’s quite an interesting turn of events, Rowan.

RB: Yeah, but after eight hundred years, I’ve had time to adjust to it all. Next…


Q2: What is your role in the novel, The Darker Curiosity?

RB: Well, there’s this macabre antique store called The Darker Curiosity that sells cursed objects and is run by supernatural creatures. My job is to procure some of the items that can’t be obtained the easy way. Since I’m a vampire and also immortal, it’s easy for me to sneak in and out of situations quickly in case trouble arises. I also play a major role in the main character Aggie’s development in the story. She’s an immortal werewolf that I’ve been vexing for a year to think that she’s a normal teenager. My twin brother Abel is the one that turned her. Did I mention that the hot clingy girl that turned me was also Aggie’s sister? It’s complicated…however, things get a little crazy when someone is out to steal Aggie’s blood to sell to wealthy terminally ill humans. I have to unvex her so we can solve the mystery and save human and supernatural kind, no biggie.

WW: That does sound complicated, but it also sounds like you enjoy being a vampire. Do you?

RB: I freaking love it, man! I get to stay young forever and vex people to do that I want. There’s too many whiny vampires out there complaining about “I hate living forever,” or “I don’t want to drink human blood’ BOO effing HOO is what I say. Stop brooding and join the party.


Q3: While on the subject of vampires, what are your feelings toward the traditional publishing industry stating that vampires are an “oversaturated” market? 

RB: In my opinion, I think it’s pretty sad. Readers still want vampires, big time. I mean there’s some really cool, handsome, bad ass vamps (present company included) that deserve a chance to run amuck and steal hearts in the literary world. You try telling them they may never get the chance due  to “oversaturation.” I mean, we’re immortal and we’re here to stay. I think a bunch us vamps should get together and start vexing the entire publishing industry. Hmm, now there’s an idea…

WW: Interesting response! We’ll leave it at that.


Q4: How do you think you’ve evolved from when you are first introduced in the story up to now?

RB: In the past, I’ve done things because it benefited me and I pretended that it was best for someone else instead. I never thought about the fallout until it was too late. Seeing how the other characters have reacted to me has opened my eyes to a few things.

WW: I guess even for someone as old as you are, there’s always room to grow.

RB: I guess, but it’s not always fun. One more question, love. The sun is coming up in a bit…


Q5: Do you sparkle?

RB: (Laughing) No, but I think the readers will take a shine to me once they get to know me.

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