Laughter-Food for the Soul

Cheeks hurt, nose is running, pain in my side, can’t breathe…

Sounds like I might be coming down with something, right? Nah, I’m just experiencing the cry/laugh. Endorphins are sure to follow, making the afterglow of such an all out bodily exertion, all that more blissful.

After a recent writing prompt with my wenches took a sharp turn from suspense to ridiculously funny, resulting in several wenches, myself included, laughing to the point of tears, I started thinking about humor in writing. Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of paranormal and fantasy and usually you don’t find much humor there, but I have read some extremely funny, laugh-out-loud scenes in contemporary romance. One book that had me cracking up was Wallbanger by Alice Clayton, the other was Summertime at The Resort by our own Tami Lund. It’s really hard to describe a scene in a book, I suggest you read them for yourselves, but here are some clips, non-book related, to make you laugh.



Fawlty Towers is one of those shows I can watch again and again and again. In fact I have the shows on VHS. It is nowhere near politically correct, originally airing in the late seventies, but I can watch today and still laugh until I cry. My favorite episodes are The Germans and Gourmet Night.



Jimmy Fallon always cracks me up, but his bit with Justin Timberlake, Barry Gibb Talk Show, is another one that makes me laugh so hard I cry.



Kevin Hart’s run in with the ostrich is one of the funniest standup routines I have ever seen.


What else makes me laugh?

The movie Bridemaids, Chris Tucker in The Fifth Element, tv show The Big Bang Theory and too many episodes of Seinfeld and Friends to count. I am also extremely susceptible to animated movies–Megamind, Shrek and Puss in Boots being three of my favorites.


Laughing is important. There has been tons of research studies done that says laughing is healthy. Laughing so hard you can barely breathe is debatable. My dad is funny. He can be telling a story and even if the story is not that amusing, once he starts to cry/laugh, it’s so hilarious, you just can’t help laughing along.

I am the same way. When something strikes me really funny, I lose it. I start laughing, then comes the red face, the tears, the holding of the stomach. Next the laugh becomes silent, hysterical gasps burst forth instead as my lungs scream for oxygen. The side cramps set in and my friends and family start becoming nervous that I’ve really gone over the deep end.

The first time my husband saw me laugh that hard, it scared the crap out of him. He starting yelling, “stop it, stop it,” thinking I had lost my mind and was literally heading for the funny farm. Now, he is used to it. But sometimes, when I have a hard time stopping the laughter, he gets that same concerned look on his face, which always makes me laugh even harder.

I can’t imagine there is anything remotely unhealthy in laughing so hard your stomach hurts or you cry uncontrollably and if there is, I’ll risk it.

So yuck it up. Let go, give into the laugh. It’s good for the soul.

Leave a comment and tell me what makes you laugh so hard you cry.

Jennifer Senhaji


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