Life without a computer is easy… or?

I had the fortune, or miss fortune I would say, to try 2 weeks without a computer. Why I hear you ask. Well, the screen started to dance, have hick ups or what I should call it, when I got to the desktop page. Not fun when you try to do research, write emails, write books or just be social on Facebook or Twitter. First day I managed with just my cell phone. Yes I have one of those stationary pc but it´s from the Stone Age, not kidding it´s that old!! It takes for EVER to get the pages up and then change between two, don´t get me started on that.

Back to not having a laptop, did I mention that it was not even 1 MONTH old when it started messing? Well day two I caved in and got a tablet, it worked fine. Not perfect, but fine. My big problem was that I couldn´t open my WIPs, aka work in progress, since it didn´t have a USB port. The less important thing for me was the lack of Office Word, writing on a notepad without spell checks is more hassle then it´s worth. Especially when you write in English and it´s not your first language. It helped me fix my 15 day writing challenge, and I got some words down on my short story for an anthology I´m working on with a few of the other bloggers here. He he, more information at a later time..

Week one went by and week two came. Not so fond of my tablet any more since it didn´t let me answer posts on FB and change from the FB app to FB on Chrome from time to time. Really annoying. The writing didn´t get so much done either. Need something printed? Not working on the tablet since everything is saved on USB and the tablet don´t have that supported. Big sigh.. Being on sick leave without pc that works is frustrating when you have good writing ideas. Write long hand you say. Could work if you´re not on sick leave for inflammation on your wrist. Yeah, no writing by hand, or heavy lifting, or cleaning the house or even dishwashing. Typing was allowed but I didn´t have any good way of doing that. Being on sick leave also meant I couldn´t borrow the pc at work.

Up to date, aka yesterday for you reading this, I got a text message that my pc was ready to be picked up. Yay, my baby is well again! I get there and the guy said I had to pay to get it back. I go, oh yeah? He say it was a software fault it doesn´t go on the warranty. How am I supposed to know that?! I´m no computer nerd! I just use it for work, well soon I will be a sum what known author, and to be social with all my friends all over the world. The answer to your question is yes. I paid the freaking money needed and took my baby home. This is the first thing I write on it, FB post not included, since I got it home. I had to install some programs needed before it was ready for work but now we are ready for anything. Which is good since I´m going to a writers retreat in October and have my short story to finish before November.

Well I´m off to get my short story in order. People have already asked for the release date so I better have it finished by then, right?

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