Missing Pieces By Meredith Tate :Book Review



I was given an ARC of a fellow wench and birthday buddy of mine. The book is called Missing Pieces.

I have never read a dystopian romance before, but I was very intrigued from the very first page. I was introduced to Trace and Piren. Their relationship is very natural and easygoing and I was drawn to them both.  They had a genuine friendship and I felt they were both very relatable. They had qualities of very well rounded characters and though they were in a situation that made their friendship “forbidden” they still made the best out of it.

The place they lived in was very strange to me, but I liked the idea of forbidden love and sweet romance. This book was very well written and I enjoyed it .

I give this book five stars and for this to be Meredith Tate’s first novel, it was great read.

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If you are interested in knowing more about Meredith Tate follow her on twitter @mltate 24 You can also check out of website at http://www.meredithtate.com

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