Overwhelmed? I can relate.

Overwhelmed. We all feel it right? You know when it’s the worst? When you do it to yourself.  When you can’t say no, even when you are already juggling a ton of things. A friend asks you to read something,  and you say yes. Even though that means pushing back your own work. Even though you are on a deadline (self imposed, but still). I sometimes wonder if it is the writer in me, the woman (who is superwoman, by the way), or the mom. I’ve reached the point in my life where juggling ten projects at once feels natural to me. Doesn’t mean I don’t have moments where I break down and say “I just can’t do it,” cause I do, but then I get a message from someone who wants my opinion and that clears everything else. Because I live for that.  Knowing that I have become a person that others go to for help, that there are people out there that value my opinion, there is nothing in the world that fuels me more (that’s a lie, my kids do too).


You know what it is though, it’s the same feeling deep down that I get when one of my daughters does something super sweet. Or is helpful. I love that shiny happy feeling. It’s why I figure I’d walk over hot coals if I knew at the end I would get a “thanks so much. I appreciate it.” The thing is, It’s gotten me in trouble before. But I still do it. Probably always will (don’t stop asking me. Please) So despite the fact that I have three projects in different stages, a pile of books I want to read, and a Netflix queue that is calling my name, I’m going to go help a friend. It’s what I do.


As an edit: I wrote this blog Sunday morning. It hit me as I was laying in bed. And lord could the timing have not been any better.  Monday was one of those days. A day I was so overwhelmed I wanted to eat all of the chocolate! And cry all the tears! But I didn’t. I asked for support, and got it. (I love those damn wenches) Then I powered through.  Monday was the exact reason I felt the need to write this blog, and you know what, it helped me put things in perspective. Now I can recognize it and hopefully stop it from getting to the tears point.


All right, you can carry on now, and remember if you get overwhelmed, learn to say no (I’m still working on that bit) or even better, learn to ask for help. Whether it’s in the form of a hug or a funny meme. You have people who love you, let them help 🙂


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