Sleepless In Author World

Oh hell, why is it whenever it isn’t my turn to blog, I can think of a million subjects, but then when it’s 36 hours before I’m due to post I can’t think of a single thing…??

Maybe it’s because I have so much going on right now. Unwrapping Love anthology. Dawning of Light. Undercover Heat. And the Wenches are already brainstorming a summer anthology. Anybody up for a cruise? Those seas are bound to get steamy… Wait, does that even make sense?

If I sound like the squirrel from Over the Hedge, it might be because I feel like that squirrel these days. Each one of those books involves more than just writing and editing. There are Cover Reveals. Release Day Parties. Giveaways to promote. Blog Tours. Oh yeah, and check those reviews a hundred times a day. Because yeah, you all love Unwrapping Love. Which is so freaking cool.

Writing Wenches CoverUnwrapping Love has released, so now we’re down to promoting it, letting you all know it’s out there and it’s 750 pages and you should buy it because it’s less than five bucks on Amazon and what a steal for 21 amazing romance stories.

Deep breath.

Next on my to do list is (aside from a blog tour featuring Unwrapping Love and another one featuring Dawning of Light), is the Release Day Party for Dawning. Then there’s a Cover Reveal for Undercover Heat, followed by the Release Day Party. And somewhere in there I need to write my story for the summer anthology. And edit the third in the Lightbearer series. And figure out which book comes next in the Tough Love series. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the new shifter series I contracted, which is supposed to be out in April.

Not too much going on, right?

Naturally, all this Cover Reveal and Release Day business isn’t just about writing. Oh no. In truth, the writing is the easy part. Even editing is relatively easy, compared to that period of time between here-is-your-ARC and readers-actually-buying-your-books. I don’t know if that timeframe has a name, but it should.


Okay, maybe I exaggerate. Okay, there’s no maybe in that sentence. It’s not hell. Close, but not really. And it’s only as hellish as the author allows it to be.

I’m a glutton. I admit it. I have a hard time saying no. I want to support every author I know who is promoting a new book. That’s because Hell – wait, I need a better nickname for this timeframe…

Stress Personified? Insanity? Cray Cray? Sleepless in Author World?

I’ve never been very good at coming up with book titles. Nearly every one of mine has had outside help, whether it’s my hubs or my Facebook friends. So clearly naming this timeframe is not a good idea.

Okay, back to the point. What’s the other reason I’m a glutton? Because my closest friends happen to be authors, since they are the only human beings who truly get me. Added bonus: most friends-who-are-authors don’t judge each other. Sometimes — often — that’s damned refreshing.

And I want my dearest friends to be successful. It is highly likely that I’ve read the book that is being promoted, or at least one or two books from said author, so I know — I know it’s good. I know it deserves to be read. By you. And you and you and you and…

The reason I think I know this is because I have a reasonable idea of what readers (that’s YOU — and me) want. Readers want to fall in love with a book/author/character and they don’t want to let it go. Well, we don’t want readers to let it go either, and since I’m friends with said author, I know his/her book(s) happens to be pretty damn good, and I suspect that if you liked my books, you’ll probably like hers/his, too. And I really want you to read my friends’ books because I want them to be happy. And you. Hell, I want everybody to be happy.

Can we say sucker for happily ever after?

So yeah, I want to give readers something I think they’ll appreciate, which in the process makes me (hopefully) look super cool in my readers’ eyes, and to top it all off, helps introduce my friends to new fans. See? Win-win.

Okay, back to writing. Or editing. Or promoting. Or…





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