Thanks Hem…I really needed that (Tips from the Masters #2)

Maybe you’ve been there too. That moment when you finish a piece  (be it a scene, chapter or a whole dang book) and shout “YES WORLD! This is the chapter that I contribute to life and IT ROCKS!”

You set aside your work and allow your brain to uncoil, releasing all of the tension, emotion and angst you have created while crafting your art.

Then you come back and re-read it.

In my case this usually accompanies a litre of wine and maybe some tears as I scream “Why!” over and over to the heavens.

Okay, well maybe not that melodramatic but you get the picture.

After going through this process several times there are some solid truths I have discovered about the process of writing.first drafts.

1. The original euphoria I feel as I’m writing (and giving myself silent props for being the greatest writer ever) actually has nothing to do with my ego. (I actually struggle with confidence in my craft most of the time)

I have come to believe that it’s a coping mechanism. I HAVE to feel good about while I’m writing it or why would I finish it?

2. Feeling a scene so much that I actually shed tears while writing it usually means that nine-times out of ten it’s complete and utter mind diarrhea and will be mercilessly slashed during editing.

3. What the hell was I thinking is a healthy reaction upon revisiting my first draft as it proves to that I can still have a critical eye while reviewing my own work. The ability to know I’m a good story-teller while also realizing that run-on sentences are my Everest is a good thing. I hope I never get so good that I don’t have to work on my craft. (though to have it come easier from time to time would be peachy!)

4. Hemingway is always right. (umm, when it comes to writing, not alcohol or women…) The first draft of anything is shit because it’s supposed to be. It helps us pull out the weeds that are choking our beautiful flower and allows it to bloom.

5. Beta reader are absolutely ESSENTIAL for success.

6. I will listen to any quote photo that is placed on this picture, because beards and such. Mmmmm. Beards.

Doesn't it look like George Clooney and Sean Connery got together and made a rugged love child?
Doesn’t it look like George Clooney and Sean Connery got together and made a rugged love child?

Happy Writing Y’all!


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3 comments on “Thanks Hem…I really needed that (Tips from the Masters #2)

  1. I have these same thoughts. I’m sure most people have.
    Oh, and I have required my husband to grow his beard for fall/winter. It looks awesome at every stage. 🙂

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