The Reality of Bliss #WritingWenches

They say that bliss is a state of perfect happiness. I achieved that state for exactly 30.4 seconds this week, when the release day for Unwrapping Love came.

This is my first published work of fiction, and I couldn’t be happier, will never be happier than holding that beautifully bound tome that contains my name on the back. My. Name. On. The. Back. Of. A. Book! (Among the other 20 amaze-balls authors of course!)

That said, on the euphoria of the moment passed it was business as usual. Why? Because publishing is a business and it never rests.

We have our epic release day bash, giveaways to execute, ratings to watch, tweets to tweet, posts to write and fans to interact with….it’s a blast don’t get me wrong…I just want to dispel the myth that we writers can sit back like a bunch of “ladies (and men) who lunch”, drink Mimosa’s and have our cabana boys rub oil on our backs as we bask in our own glory.


Hey, to be fair, some writer’s are able to do that. Heck, one day I hope I can join their oiled ranks, but for now I am content to sit in my sweats, pound the living hell out of my keyboard and create characters I know that people can smile at and relate to – and share a virtual drink with those fellow writers around the world who are an integral part of my success.

I am happily a door to door salesman, as many new authors are – and the ability to interact at ground level with the people who read your work is a gift some authors take for granted.

And with that said – it’s back to work…I have a new release in February which really switches gears (Grad student and a ghost anyone? Could get interesting…)

Also – for lovers of the Anthology rumor has it that romance will hit the high seas for a summer themed romance you do not want to miss! Stick tight to the Wench-blog for more info!

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