Three Way Write Off – Serenity

The Write Off Series is back!

Welcome back, Dear Reader. This post brings back a feature where we have two or more authors write off against each other. For the next three days, we’re using the same scene from different points of view. Our goal is to show the difference in perspective; what different characters notice and think. We’re going to present this in the form of narrative so it’s more organic to writing. In this Write Off, we have three POV’s – the lost love, the rock star, and the current groupie girlfriend.

This is the third and final (or is it?) part of the write off. If you haven’t read the first two parts by Tami or Michael then make sure to search them out.

Today we get to see the same scene through the eyes of Serenity, groupie extraordinaire and Savior’s girlfriend.

The setting:

Maria, physical therapist who has hung out her shingle in the same small town where she has lived for her entire life.

Savior, the rock star who walked away from his first love to find fame and glory.

Serenity, the groupie-turned-girlfriend.

Savior has a hip injury that’s affecting his latest world tour, and he’s brought Serenity with him, when he returns home to his roots, theoretically so that Maria can help him get over his injury, so he can get back on the road and live the lifestyle he swears he still wants.


Picking up the scene from where part two left off-

Oh hell no. I push my falling down hair out of my eyes. I did not go through the past two years just to have My Man push me aside for some prissy girl from his past. I could have left him before. I seriously considered it after I miscarried that baby we almost had. I hadn’t wanted it, but I pretended like I did. He was so upset when I lost that thing growing inside me, but I say good riddance. It would have messed up my life in more ways than one.

I stop pacing. What the fuck? I’m pacing now? Um, no. I can hear her in there talking about the good old days. Who the hell cares about that? He left her in the dust. Didn’t want her then, doesn’t want her now. Now he’s got me. I’m all he needs.

I lean in to listen at the door again. She’s giggling now. What the hell? Um, no. Not having this. I stand up straight and knock once, quick and light, before I open the door. I try to open my mouth but I can’t. Instead, I see red. Holy shit, why is he effing naked?

“What the hell, Savior? You need to be naked to do physical therapy?” I can feel the blood rushing in my head. He doesn’t even try to cover up.

“Serenity, babe, come on. You can’t come busting in here like that. This is a serious place.” Savior gives me that look I’m starting to get real tired of. It’s his, I think I’m better than you look, and it’s about time it left the building, for good. I know a surefire way to get him to listen.

“Hey, I had your phone and the management company called, something about the tour.” His eyebrow raise and I know I have him. “I knew it was an important call. Didn’t want you to miss it.”

Watching him hop around trying to get his pants back on is amusing, especially since he’s cursing up a blue streak. I get a little thrill when I see Miss Priss lean against the wall, arms crossed, looking all disapproving and shit. I just smile and try not to giggle as Savior makes a fool of himself trying to get out of that room in such a hurry. As we walk out the door together, I take him by the hand so the old flame knows who he’s leaving with. And by old, I mean… Well, let’s just say, I’m pretty sure those oversized tits are starting to sag.

We walk down the hallway in silence. He hasn’t asked for his phone or anything so, I hope he isn’t mad at me. Once we reach the car, I finally hand him his phone.

Sexy car. I love it, all low slung black muscle. I have a handful of great memories in that car, but lately he’s been talking about putting it in the garage. I can’t help but think he’s getting old. The hip injury sure as hell isn’t helping to change my mind in that respect. Sometimes I want to shake him, but I need him still. I made plans and they aren’t done yet.

“Here’s your phone babe.”

He leans against the car, focusing on the phone, not even looking at me. “What the hell Serenity? No one called me, what the hell you trying to do?” There’s real anger in his voice. I haven’t heard that in a while.

“That stick in her ass in there was flirting with you, babe. Walking down memory fucking lane.” Now I’m mad, spinning around and staring him down. “You in there in all your bare-assed glory and your girlfriend in the hallway? How is that right? How the fuck is that professional?”

“You jealous, babe? I was just buttering her up, you know, to make sure she gives me good service.” He winks and I almost growl at him.

Argh. He knows just what to say to piss me off. I have the urge to kick the stupid, sexy car, but that would only hurt me worse. I want to cry. No, screw that, I want to go back in there and punch that bitch in her smug little face. Things have been tense these past few weeks but not this bad. It’s that stupid hip injury. Perfectly normal hotel room balcony sex and the next thing I know, there he is, laying on the ground slithering around, grabbing his hip and screaming like a girl.

“You don’t get service from no one but me, you ass. I’ve been with you for years. You’re not about to drop me for some nerdy chick you went to high school with!”

I start pacing again. Lord this isn’t me. Ever since this whole mess started, I have been acting like a weird ass version of myself. I don’t like it, not one bit. I stop pacing to stand in front of him.

“Listen, you douchebag. I have given you the best fucking years of my life. I am so not down with you flirting with that priss. I don’t say nothing about them damn groupies, but this is where I draw the line.”

Savior scrubs his hands over his face and leans forward, getting in my face. “Seriously, Serenity? You are gonna give me a fucking rant about what you’ll take? You think I don’t know you’ve been screwing the drummer from the opening act?” file0001516403637

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