Two Holidays down, two to go.

Are you sick of the holidays yet? Are you dreaming for the days near the end of January when there are no more upcoming holiday meals to plan, no more deep cleaning in case relatives stop by, no more giant meals that keep you in that one size too high?

Yeah me neither! lol I freaking love the holidays. I love the stress of it (yes, I know I’m sick in the head), I love all the giant meals (I’m pretty sure I was not meant to be skinny), I love the frenzy of picking out Halloween costumes and thanksgiving deserts, of Christmas decorations and deciding if the kids are old enough to stay up til midnight yet.

It might be because my kids are still young that it’s fun, it’s laughs and giggles and helping in the kitchen. It may be because I am a giant kid who still believes in magic.  Either way, I love it. Call me Mrs. Claus, instead of Scrooge.  I’m totally down with it. Tomorrow is the first day of December and I’ve already switched my ringtones to a Christmas one (I do like to wait until one holiday is done before I start enjoying the next). December sees Christmas yes, but it is also my birthday month. I made my appearance into this world two days before the happiest day of the year (thanks mom), so maybe that is why I love the holidays so much?


Who knows really? All I know is I can’t wait for Christmas Morning. I’ve got my list all ready for Santa, I have my daughters lists too. Have you done it yet?



**photo credits to and (woo hoo I made a meme)

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