Unwrapping Kismet – Why the Wench-thology is so important to literature.

So I have to admit I’m still on a high. For those of you who missed the big cover reveal for the Writing Wenches ‘Unwrapping Love’ Anthology yesterday, it was a HIT!

Half naked men, fun conversations and plenty-o-giveaways (speaking of which, hit the Facebook Page HERE and there may still be giveaways up for grabs!), made this event a fantastic meeting of the minds.

This of course has everything to do with those of you who were so gracious and interested in the book to drop by (*We collectively thank you) but today I want to speak about this little project and why it’s so important to the literary landscape.

This world, runs on collaboration – and like many, many minds have shown – humanity is better when people work together. Prior to this endeavor I was a Lone Wolf, an author floating in a sea of words that really, had no direction. What I was missing was feedback, encouragement – and a good slap in the face!

You see, the Ability for 21 VERY different authors to collaborate on ONE project is a mammoth undertaking. Getting it all right, where a one-snowflake sweet romance (like mine – A Little Snow Music) can mingle cohesively with a four-snowflake sex-pot (like Misti Murphy’s ‘Christmas Candy’) is almost impossible. So – What made it work?

Well for starters fate doesn’t hurt. We wenches have gathered from far and wide and traversed very different personal landscapes before being dumped together because we all had some serious goals to improve our craft and become better writers.

We have the added benefit of having some fantastic editors on our team, which is something going in that I knew I struggled with. Getting a new perspective or a harsh reminder on your current challenges can be a refreshing thing!

For me at least, this has resulted the ability to increase the sexual tension in my writing, beat the grammatical crap out of my MS to make it shine (thank you Patricia), and swear with reckless abandon in a creative forum when I’m trying to get my point across – Without judgement from any source. It has also resulted in a huge pool of beta readers (which are gold for a writer) who will tell me what they think about a work without holding back. (There’s that refreshing thing again!)

I think that all writers should do at least one collaborative project in their career. In a no-holds-barred industry where competition is critical – too many are reduced to shitty tactics to make sure they get a sale. So what have I learned from all of this?

I have learned as a writer, what respect really means within the industry, which will mean stocking to a benchmark on how I conduct my professional dealings throughout my career.

As a reader – I am keenly aware and have opened myself up to incredible content that I may have glossed over previously because I had never read that kind of novel before. (Yes sometimes writers get stuck in that wheel too!)

For you reading this today, I urge you to do two things:

1. Pick up a copy of ‘Unwrapping Love’ naturally! (which you can pre-order at a wicked deal right HERE)

2. Open yourself up to at least one other published work from each of the authors within the Anthology – I guarantee you will discover either a new author, style of writing or genre that will knock your socks off and remind you why you fell in love with reading in the first place…

Oh and just cause I heart this, here’s the cover for Unwrapping Love:

Writing Wenches Cover

Happy Reading Y’all!

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