Valentine’s Day or Prove Your Love To Me Day

Valentine’s Day or Prove Your Love For Me Day


I can’t be the only woman out there that feels this way. When you are surrounded by lovey, dovy and you aren’t, it can be very frustrating and sarcasm comes easily. Even if what you are saying is true, it comes out much snarkier than usual. Everyone has their own version of romance and love. Mine is a little less polished, to say the least.

Call me selfish but I don’t want this on a day that is not even a real holiday. I have a hard time when my guy bows to social pressure; my question is; “Does it mean as much?” I’m not saying that he doesn’t mean it but I still want a random Tuesday. Men by nature are not usually romantic and sometimes need a little push. This is all good but to have a day dedicated to the pressure of all men to prove their love, therein lays my problem.

I grew up with a multitude of brothers and male cousins. We roughhoused and threw cow patties at each other. I am not a chic flick kinda girl. Candle light dinners are supposed to be romantic but I would rather be given a puppy. Bring flowers to the barn while I’m mucking out stalls and then take me to the hayloft for a good old fashioned make out session. Tell me I’m the most beautiful women in the world to you on a random Thursday whether I’m in your favorite dress or sweaty with no make-up. The most romantic thing in the world to me is truly being in that moment with that special someone. It’s also the biggest turn on….

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