What’s YOUR Inspiration?

I’m going to try something different with this post. I’ve decided to make it interactive.

A few of the Writing Wenches, 1/3 of us, to be semi-precise, have a book coming out soon. It’s an anthology, a holiday anthology, and it’s called Unwrapping Love. It features stories by 21 of the 60-ish total Writing Wenches, and it releases on December first.

Writing Wenches CoverAs my blog date is about two weeks prior to release, I figured I should incorporate the anthology into my post. But … how? What do I write about?

How about inspiration? The inspiration for the anthology itself stemmed from a conversation on Facebook. The release day was determined by the idea of making it a holiday-themed anthology. This decision evolved into actually defining “it,” which morphed into a naughty and nice theme. After that, we pretty much were on our own.

So what inspired each of us to write the story we ultimately wrote? That is what today’s post is about. I’m going to tell you about my inspiration. Not because it’s particularly fascinating or wonderful or any other exciting adjective, but because I personally get a kick out of learning this bit of information about the books I read (translation: love), so I naturally assume you do too.

My inspiration, for books in general, comes from everyday life. I wrote The Resort series after visiting a particularly gorgeous vacation spot in northern Michigan (not that they aren’t all gorgeous – hello blatant plug for my home state, which is referred to as “Pure Michigan” for a reason – just sayin’). I’ve written wedding-themed books after attending family weddings. I began a heart-wrenching book about a hero who loses his mother and after showing up drunk at the funeral, ultimately finds his true love. This idea came to me after attending the funeral of a distant relative’s mother – and no, not a single person at the funeral was drunk, at least not obviously so.

Sometimes, all it takes is a song to inspire me. Sometimes, it’s a matter of sitting at a stoplight, impatiently waiting for it to turn green because I am finally – finally – only a few miles from home… And I turn my head to the left, where a Walgreen’s Pharmacy happens to sit on that corner. It’s a busy intersection, and the street running perpendicular to the one I am idling on is actually a dividing line between two cities. In front of the pharmacy, wrapping around the corner, is a brick wall that comes about knee-high on the average adult. On the wall is a sign, welcoming visitors from one city to the next.

On that particular evening, when I happened to glance over at the wall, I spotted a man. He stood next to the wall, his arm lifted, just about waist high. He wore a jacket over a hoodie, and had a knit cap on his head, scruff on his face. From a distance, he was good-looking, especially when he smiled.

WW Father child holding hands His hand held a much smaller hand; that of a little girl. A toddler. She wore a pink hat, a striped fleece coat, and a pair of pink pants. And she wore an utterly ecstatic expression on her face, and a smile that was reserved for the man who was helping her stumble her way along that brick half-wall.

I stared at them until several seconds after the light had turned green, until the car behind me honked to pull me out of my trance. It was such a perfect, sweet, tug-at-the-heartstrings moment.

When I arrived home ten minutes later, I immediately opened my laptop and began to write.

That scene I just described is the opening scene to The Perfect Christmas, my contribution to the Unwrapping Love anthology. That moment inspired me to write the story that ultimately became about Jesse and Anna’s journey toward love.PerfectChristmas-A

Now, what I want from my fellow Wenches is YOUR inspiration. Tell us –your readers –in the comments below, what inspired you to write the story you did, to be included in Unwrapping Love?

I hope our readers enjoy this little glimpse into our minds. And if you do, please join us on release day, over on Facebook. The Writing Wenches know how to throw a hell of a party. Or, if you just want to read the book, buy it now at a ridiculous price here.

And when you are done – don’t forget to leave a review!




5 comments on “What’s YOUR Inspiration?

  1. Well my inspiration for where would my story took place was actually on an ad I saw on Facebook. It was really pretty and snowy. I hate snow, but it looked perfect for the holidays.

  2. I am going to be a good wench and answer your question. My inspiration for my story A Fresh Start, is not as straight forward as Tami´s. The main characters just showed up in my head when I got the red thread that we agreed on for tying the stories together. Some of it came from talking to one of my real life pen pals, she lives in Walsall, and yes she is featured in the story. The biggest inspiration was listening to music and I listened to the Fall Out Boy´s a lot. Especially The Young Blood Chronicles (Uncut Longform Video), don´t know why but it always got me in writing mood for A Fresh Start. I really hope you enjoy our little/big book of fun..

  3. I started and abandoned a novella about Christmas in Paris and while the novella didn’t work for many reasons, I couldn’t get the idea of Paris out of my head. While none of the my story takes place in the city of light, it is still a featured player. My real inspiration though came from the Wenches, of course! We were talking about bad boys and good girls and I realized that I always prefer bad girls and good boys. Out of that, Mae was born. I’m so looking forward to the anthology release!

  4. For the holiday anthology, my inspiration came from NYC. I spent my honeymoon in New York, during the worst snow storm in 3 decades. Not that I complained about being stuck in the hotel room with my husband. Generally, my inspiration can come from anything and everything–a consequence of having a hyper active imagination.

  5. all I could picture was a woman who was forced to work as an elf at Christmas time, despite not having any holiday cheer. Kind of like Zoey Deschenel in Elf. I thought of how the little sarcastic comments she would make to the mall Santa (love interest) could be funny. And Noah Cane’s Candy was born. I cannot wait for the anthology to come out…proofing it now and wenches (and barkeeps) this is a great collaboration.

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