World Book Day, Romance, and Ireland

This past Saturday, April 23, was World Book and Copyright Day. The United Nations pays tribute to books, authors, and literature on this date and encourages everyone worldwide to discover and indulge in the joy of reading. The Wenches celebrated World Book Day and their love for books, reading, and their readers by giving away a lot of books. It was a fantastic day!

If you missed World Book and Copyright Day, don’t worry — it’ll be back again next year on April 23 and the Wenches will be around ready to celebrate with you.

The World Book Day festivities got me thinking. I really love the idea of writers and readers around the world coming together on a special day every year to celebrate literature and their favorite books. As I thought about writers and readers from other countries diving into a great book, I also thought about some of the countries where my favorite books take place. I love being whisked away to an exotic locale when I’m reading.

I find that romance books have some of the dreamiest locations. Whether the couple falls in love on an island in the Mediterranean or in the ballroom of a European manor, the setting always sticks with me. I discovered and fell in love with Nora Roberts back during my college days. I loved (and still do love) her writing style, characters, and stories that provided an escape from my mundane Midwest life. My favorites were her books set in Ireland.

To this day, I still love her Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy: Jewels of the Sun, Tears of the Moon, and Heart of the Sea. The contemporary story set in Ireland combines romance, magic, and an unforgettable setting. Did I mention Faerie Hill Cottage? Oh, how I would love to live there!

So, now I ask you — where in the world have your favorite romance books taken you? Share your favorite literary romance settings in the comments below.

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