Write Scared

scary writerThat’s sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it?

It is a little bit, but I’ve learned something on this writing journey. (short though it has been)

If your comfortable with what you’re writing you’re not pushing yourself. Stretching yourself. You’re not giving yourself permission to explode with something extraordinary. And we want to be extraordinary.

Normal. Ordinary. Safe…get rid of it. All of that.

Write the stuff that makes the back of your neck prickle. The stuff that breaks all the rules. Who need F* rules anyway? Write characters that make people feel something. Anything. Push past all those boundaries and just write whatever hits.

Are you afraid to write that trait into a character because you’re afraid it might piss someone off? Or touch on a subject that makes readers squirm… WRITE THAT.

Later, when you go through edits, you may not like it. That’s okay. Delete it then. But write in your rawest form first. There’s magic in that.

Then and as my editor told me just a few days ago… don’t over edit and delete too much of that magic. One of the best pieces advice I’ve every received…and was a great compliment too.

Love and happy reading/writing! 

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