Writing a new story while editing an old.

This blog post is written in a haste since I managed to forget about it amongst editing my summer short and writing the Halloween short. The summer short is for the Writing Wenches anthology and I´m doing last minute edits on it. Which by the way finally got a title!! It´s called “Love at First Touch”, like it? You are the first to know so don´t tell anyone. It is supposed to be sent to the editor today but I got an extra day. Thank you very much for that editor in large, it will give this story a chance to be good enough for publishing.

I didn´t think I would be as stressed this time editing as I was with the first one. Boy was I wrong, editing is obviously going to be my enemy. It is learning me lots of new things, things that I didn´t know I did. One of my beta readers told me that I move from one point of view to another. Need to shake that habit. I dread the point when I´m going to search for words that I over use. Fingers crossed that I have learned to minimize that since the last one.

This past week has been stressful. “Love at First Touch” was finished last Monday and sent out to beta readers late Monday, early Tuesday. Then I started the short for the Halloween anthology, called “Running on Magic”. This story is pushing my limits in more ways than one. I have never written a paranormal romance and I have never started a new story before edits are done on a previous story. Now it will have to wait until tomorrow, unless I´m super fast with the editing. Which isn´t likely, I hate editing. When I´m author I´ll hire someone to do it for me. Maybe even get an assistant that takes my dictations and type it for me.

Well this post is long enough, according to me, I´ll put it up and then I´m back with the editing.

If you don´t hear from me in a day or two send help, aka tea, candy, pics of men and women. Oh, and send in a search party to! I might have been buried under lots of words.


Sunshine to everyone out there struggling with their own hurdles. See you on the other side.

Much love from the original Swedish wench.

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