Writing is hard but it gives much.

After the last blog post I made, two weeks ago, I had a plan on what I was suppose too write about. Don´t ask though, I don´t remember. All I know is that it would be good and I had two weeks on me. Well, here we are, I have around eight hours on me to get a really great post done. And the pressure is huge, I mean, I have all these fantastic wenches and our barkeep to follow. Everyone is so spectacular in their writings. Sometimes it can make the only Swede in the bunch a bit intimidated. But you should always push your limits and get out of your comfort zone. Which I am, big time. By now you should now that we are writing on an anthology that will be released later this year. The cover reveal is going down 4 November on our page on Facebook. And me stretching, the comfort is me writing a contemporary romance, never done that before. Sure I have my main WIP – work in progress, but they´ll probably not go that far. I don´t know, they are not talking to me right now, think they are upset over the short. The short should be done by now and in the hands of our lovely editor Patricia, but no. This writer can´t even get her characters to get close to each other. Does that mean I have intimacy issues? Or is it my characters that have that problem? I don´t know, trying to find those songs, that will get me in the mood, that dear Sheri talked about. Found lots of great songs but got distracted by my youth and great love songs from the 80´s. Well, I´m not going to talk about my list, not here anyway.


Barkeep Michael gave us great tips on surviving NaNoWriMo. NaNo lead us in to my next on the other side of my comfort zone. I´m doing NaNo this year, did Camp NaNo in July but it´s obviously not the same thing. This time I´m going to have a try on writing fantasy, also a first. My third first this fall is that I´m going to a writer retreat this weekend. Just writers meeting and writing for two days. There will be talking about writing of course, eating and sleeping too. J During this weekend I plan on outlining my story so I´m ready to start 1 November. I´ll make Michael proud of me. J The word count will be met and surpassed! And I should probably not put that in print, no I´m going to have to make it. Hm, it´s there so I better make it.


Yeah, right! I have to tell you about Pinterest. Remember I talked about it last time? No? No big deal, it´s two weeks ago, of course you forgot. Yep, I just called you old. What are you going to do about it? Tell me I´m lying? Hehe, that means you have to go back in the archives and read my old post. Gotcha! Okay, Pinterest. Writing wenches have one of those lovely pages/sites/accounts or whatever you call it. They handed over the log in information to me the other day. Yeah, I might have gone overboard a little, tiny bit. Just maybe. A bit. There are a lot, a lot of pictures on Pinterest! Wonderful pics of men, women, animals, clothes, shoes, places, things, men in kilt, cupcakes. The list goes on, you can stay on Pinterest for hours without any problem. In fact I was on there for hours. I was just going out to get some inspiration on my short. Inspiration I got, loads of inspiration, just forgot why I went online for. Still haven´t gotten them in bed, it´s so close, so close. Today will be the day, they have started to undress each other so they better be intimate. If they don´t get naked my dear wenches will hunt me around the site. I don´t fancy running.

I better post this before it ends up like my writing long and never ending. The “day” job are calling my name, I better obey and get some things done.

Before I leave I just have to say that even if I complain, I know I did, I love what I do. I would not want it in any other way. The wenches is a lifesaver when it comes to talk about anything. I owe them lots for putting up with my craziness and stupid questions.


See you around.

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