You Don’t Suck and You Don’t Rock

You know that little nagging voice inside that alternates between telling you that you suck on one day and rock the next?

Yeah, that happens with writing too. It especially happens with writing.

As authors, we go along our merry little ways, writing our little words, and get excited when we accomplish getting so many down on a page. And then we go back the next day and read those words and realize well crap, they’re total garbage.

Other days when we go back and read what we’ve written, our inner voices give our self-esteem a nice little affirmative pat on the shoulder. “Well done!” it says. “You might even be the best writer ever.”

And the truth is, at least for me, sometimes I suck and sometime I rock.

I can always tell when I read my work back what state of mind I was in, if I was exhausted or my brain wasn’t working, or if I was really feeling it and things were flowing beautifully. It’s a process and with that process we must take into account our humanity because it will reflect in the writing.

But isn’t that what makes it beautiful? Every author is a human being with different human experiences. Those experiences reflect in the words that human author puts down on a page-the very words others see reflections of themselves in and can relate to, binding them to that work.

The other annoying voice that likes to get we author-folk down is that comparative voice. We feel that same affirmative pat when we consider our writing better than another’s. Or we allow ourselves to get slapped by that negative voice that wants to tell us we’ll never add up, so why bother?

The truth is someone will always write better than you, but that doesn’t mean you suck. And there will always be someone who does not write quite as well as you, but that doesn’t make you the king of the writing world either.

Our jobs as authors is to commit to the work inside of us that is screaming to get out and down on paper. To shut up both those voices-the one that wants to blow our head up and the other one that wants to knock us down. We need to defeat those inner voices by becoming the best representations of ourselves we can be, neither sucking or rocking our own socks off, just being committed to the process and continual improvement of our own skills.

It’s a daily discipline to hush those voices inside of us, but when we do, and truly set ourselves to the task, we end up with something we can be proud to put our stamp on!

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